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Business Services

SAMSO is here for small businesses and organizations in all fields, whether you’re:

 a C corp,

 a Partnership,

 an LLC,

 an S corp, or

a Sole Proprietorship,

any not-for-profit organization 

At an affordable price, SAMSO can help and serve your needs in:

1) File/change your existing business to a different business-type to lower your taxes;

a) Help with choosing a catchy name for your business;

b) Register your business with the State;

c) Choose between:  LLC, Profit Corp, Non-Profit Corp

d) Fictitious name registration;

2) 501(c)3 filing;

3) ANY type of business filing with the IRS;

4) Business plan;

5) Profit-&-Loss preparation;

6) Bookkeeping, &/or payroll for your small business;

7) Employer and employee tax deductions, such as SS & Medicare taxes;

8) Preparing W2s and/or 1099Misc for your employees, and filing your W3 with the appropriate tax authority,

9) Filing your quarterly/semi-annual/annual forms 940941943945CT-110427004, or your business-type forms 10201020s990 forms with the IRS and the necessary forms with your local state authority when necessary.

To help you pay less tax possible under the law, SAMSO can help you choose the type of corporation you should file under, if you’re unable to do so alone.  For an affordable fee, we can also help you with your business plan, with switching from your current corporation status to a more advantageous one to lower your tax.  And we can help you with preparing your budget as well.

If you need help with any of the above-mentioned services, we guarantee you that no competitor will be willing to help you better and at a more affordable price than SAMSO.