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Tax Services

Dear Taxpayer:

We serve your tax needs in:

W4 filing when you’re hired and/or when you have a new job (free-of-charge);

1040-ES:  We help you figure out your individual and/or estimated tax when you expect to receive an 1099-Misc or similar 1099 forms, like those received from Uber and/or Lyft; 

We help you gather forms & documents NEEDED for hassle-free filing with the IRS;

We maintain your documents, forms & schedules within our high security system for further use (free-of-charge);

And, we file your tax return with care, diligence, and professionalism.  We use tax-avoidance approach to lower your tax payment to federal and local authorities; however, as experienced professionals, we abide by the tax laws and keep ourselves from tax-evasion and all wrongdoing activities in our filing service.

IMPORTANT:      Before you even consider choosing a tax professional to file your return with, it should be clear on your mind that the amount of your refund is not necessarily what makes your tax preparer excellent or incompetent. The most important thing to wonder is whether your return is prepared and filed in accordance with the tax laws or, in case you’re audited, will you be in a great deal of trouble with the tax authority?

Remember to avoid tax scams, as they are appearing all over the media outlets. Tax deductions and/or tax credit changes almost every year. If you are serious about reducing your tax bill or increasing your tax refund, you should, when completing the W-4, enter 0 for the total number of allowances even if you have dependents that you will be claiming when you file your return. And if your personal or financial situations change for the better, or you are among those people with more complex tax situations, complete a new W-4, and add in line 6 any additional amount you can afford and want withheld from your wages for Federal tax.  Doing just that often reduces your headache when filing your tax return.

Fore more specific info on that, please refer to or  


Whether you’re single filing w/o dependents, you’re married filing jointly or separately w/o dependents, or you have a small business, your tax return should always be filed in compliance with federal tax law, and with your state tax law as well, if you work or operate in one of the 43 states where filing a state tax return is required.

As you can imagine, it takes sound knowledge of tax law to properly and efficiently file tax returns.  With that understood, if you are among those taxpayers looking for an accountant with expertise, experience, integriy and reliability,  don’t go any further.  You simply should take your tax documents to SAMSO, along with your valid unexpired official ID, and a copy of your Social Security card along with a copy for each of the dependents you’re qualified to claim. Once you’ve chosen the method you want to file, one of SAMSO’s tax professionals is available for you year round so you can eperience the peace of mind you’ve always dreamed about and deserved when it comes to filing your individual or business inome tax return.

With SAMSO, you should no longer have to deal with hidden fees or stolen refund and/or identity, nor should you ever be audited by the IRS for inaccurate filing or for tax evasion. With SAMSO, you can also choose the filing method you want your refund check, with Direct Deposit by the IRS, Direct Deposit by the Refund Provider Bank SAMSO uses for tax refund purpose, or for pick-up at SAMSO’s office.


Whichever way you choose to file with SAMSO, you can always verify the total amount of your refund by logging on For instance, with this basic math: your refund amount on irs.govLESS the exact fees you’re charged = the amount of the check to pick up at SAMSO. Therefore, with SAMSO preparing and electronically filing your return, if the refund amount you receive is less than what you expected, don’t panic, as the IRS is required to send you a notice to explain the discrepancy.

Remember, when you pay SAMSO out-of-pocket for your tax preparation and filing, the IRS will deposit the check directly into your bank account for the amount in your return. No fees whatsoever are to be deducted from your refund when you pay cash for filing your return. So, if the refund amount deposited in your bank account is less than what you expected, the IRS will send you by mail at the address on your tax return a notice to explain the reason for the discrepancy in your refund.


In addition to Florida, we have tax clients in several other states across America.  So, if you don’t live in the Sunshine State, we urge you to send us by mail or by email a copy of your unexpired official picture ID and your legitimate tax documents so we can file your federal return and your state return, if necessary. Also, you can contact us to be informed on the alternative of downloading to your cellphone the app “TaxesToGo” with the blue tie, and then upload your tax documents so you can file with SAMSO.  Once you retain SAMSO to file your tax return, your refund will be deposited in your bank account within reasonable time, unless you have a delinquent issue with your local authority or the federal government, such as unpaid child support, student loans, and the like. If your refund is being held for one or several of those delinquencies, call U.S. Treasury at 800-304-3107.


As our fees vary by the type of return and the time the return takes to file, we can’t tell you in advance how much you will be charged for filing.  Generally, not all tax returns are created equal in terms of preparation; likewise, not every taxpayer pays the same amount for filing their return. However, with SAMSO’s tax filing service delivered free from any hidden fees, and with your return being prepared in accordance with tax law, you certainly end up saving more money when you file with SAMSO than with our competitors.