Happy Customers

Raoul is the best accountant I have ever worked with. He makes sure everything is always in order. I trust him with my personal and business taxes.

Abu Soni

Creative Manager

I am an experienced, caring, reliable and devoted nurse. And with my income tax filing, I place in SAMSO the same trust I expect patients under my care to always place in me.

Marie Lucile Joseph


Since I came to this country, Raoul has been helping me and my family with our tax returns and providing us with other services so we can be in compliance with the law. I will not hesitate to recommend Raoul to my friends and co-workers because I know he cares, he's trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Claudette Premice


My accountant Raoul always keeps up to date. Having been filing with him for about 15 years, headaches I used to get with that big company are all gone for good. Raoul has demonstrated knowledge of the tax law, professionalism, and great customer service. Above all, Raoul has a great deal of integrity, and I feel very comfortable knowing I can indubitably rely on his professional service every tax season. That's why, I highly recommend him to everybody.

Emma C. François


Based on my past experience, I don’t think there are many tax preparers you can trust with your tax refund you work so hard for. Well, I’ve been filing with SAMSO for about 13 years, and without having to be physically present, my return is dealt with professionalism and care. And my refund is deposited every year in my bank account in NJ without even a penny short.

Myrlande Metellus


For many years I was looking for someone who displayed true professional skills, expertise, and trustworthiness . Frankly, it was really difficult to find until one of my coworkers referred me to Raoul. I was impressed for the quality of service received. It was beyond my expectations. Since that time, he has become the chosen accountant for myself, my family, and Real Care Medical. Without any hesitation, I would like to recommend SAMSO/Mr. Raoul to everyone for he is the best in town.

Ernest Fleurgin

Executive Vice-President at Real Care Medical

I've been doing my taxes for more than 12 years with SAMSO, and I really trust you guys...Just fax my docs to them and that's all. I really appreciate your loyalty. God bless!

Chrismate Gourdet